Little white lies

When you become a parent, I think the universe grants you a licence to occasionally tell little white lies. With Christmas just gone, there were tall tales that were told in my household that Losika would always fall for. I mean Santa himself is a universal white lie and ammunition that is given to parents to tame their offspring around the silly season. I thought with the passage of Christmas, the Santa threats would be put to bed but in our household, Santa can be b*%ch and return to pack up all the presents so I guess we have a few more weeks of Santa threats and I am currently very happy to be riding that wave.


I remember probably being about 10-12yrs old and telling my sister (4 yrs younger than me) that she was adopted from a very poor mother who lived in the Cape Flats, Cape Town South Africa. I had told her my mum hadn’t wanted her to know and didn’t want to talk about it so it would be an unwise decision to ask mum about it hehe, very evil of me. Every time she was whinging or complaining about anything, I would remind her of this and advise her to stop stressing my parents otherwise we could still send her back to her real family. This always seemed to work well in settling her down until a year later when she finally got the guts to ask mum about it.


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