The pandemic and taking stock…

I have been a bit quiet from my social media since the onset of the pandemic, not because I became a hermit, but more because I needed to take stock.

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It has been almost 2 years since the pandemic started – I know home schooling has made it seem like it has been a decade already, and a lot has happened in my life in that time. We all have had to pivot to a whole new way of living and dealing with the world in general and so have I. With pivoting comes a bit of introspection and I realised I really did miss my writing, writing for my self that is and this here is me getting back to that.  I will be putting pen to paper or should I say hands to keypad more frequently as a form of online therapy and sharing/reflecting on all that has been running through my head. Hope I will enjoy reading this in years to come. I understand that there is unlikely to be anyone else reading this but if you are, feel free to comment below and say hello, that would make my day.


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