My dreams for Losika Writes…

Losika final logo

I know they are not Martin Luther King kind of dreams but I thought I would put it out for the universe to digest and hopefully fulfill.  One day I will reflect and hopefully tick all of them off woohoo.

I have a dream,

– that one day Losika Writes will be as well known as Penguin books, Oxford books etc

– that people will support small businesses just as much as they support the billion dollar companies that don’t represent them or even invest back in them

– that one day Losika Writes will have a variety of mediums through which we can disseminate all the well known but also lesser known beautiful languages

– that one day our kids will proudly speak Setswana/Ndebele/Zulu etc as we often see people speaking Spanish/Italians without having the pressure to speak English because they are talking to non-Africans. Imagine Miss Universe Botswana answering the questions at hand in Setswana, how cool would that be?

– that we invested in the education of our little ones from preschool age and not think it was only right for them to see one language as they are developing their own

Those are my dreams for Losika Writes and the brainchild behind this seemingly crazy venture so support and help the dreams become reality.

You are never given a dream without being given the power to make it come true.




The ultimate dream job…

DSC06074I know being a doctor is such a privilege and a career that I truly enjoy. I get to be with people on their best days and also when they are on their worst days. As a general practitioner, I get to meet people from all walks of life- babies, teenagers, new mums, recovering addicts, recent prison inmates and some “salt and pepper” haired patients too. Some days I even get to help some new lives enter the world which is one thing I still find amazing despite my many years of practice. I really do enjoy my work and always look forward to hopefully continuing to play a little but important role in the lives of my patients and their families.
However, I would be lying if I ever said that I have not caught myself thinking about other jobs that seem very enjoyable. I have listed some jobs that I would be happy to do someday in the future even if for a day.

Travel presenter– You get paid to travel to the best places on earth and report on the best experiences on earth. Now I don’t know how anyone could have a bad day at work when you are living it up to that level most days. I can imagine dancing in the rain, enjoying traffic jams and everything else in the middle knowing that I will have the best seats on any flight, the best room in any hotel and I will be spoilt rotten at every stop. Now the only catch is that most of our travel presenters in Australia are definitely not chocolate coloured like me and they all seem to have model sized bodies and if that is a requirement, oh well, at least medicine is more inclusive…

Masterchef judge – you have great home cooks basically fighting to cook their best foods for you. If this is not heaven then I truly don’t know what is. I mean there is always a risk that you get to eat delicious sounding but utterly disgusting meals and I would love to have that as the main side effect of a job. The other obvious risk of the job I suppose is that during filming, one does run the risk of turning into a Michelin man. Given the current judges though, I wouldn’t think this development would necessarily disqualify me from the job…

Movie critic– I mean how hard is it to stay awake for a whole movie and then write a report on whether you enjoyed it or not? So truthfully, the staying awake part of the agreement might be where I fail this job but imagine the choc tops that this job would result in and the resultant happiness that would occur from said choc tops alone. I love movies but nothing really beats a choc top so maybe the movie critique report should also have a report on the choc top which could also lend itself to being a choc top flavour advisor…

TV show analyst– I think there is a show on ABC Melbourne, mid-morning on Thursdays when a lady attends to talk about all things television. I used to listen to this show on my way to a late start in GP land and thought I could do it too. Most of the shows she talked about, I had already watched and could comment on. Sometimes I knew more about some shows on free to air television than she did- but then again, she probably has more than a million channels to watch all in the name of “work”. Another benefit I suppose if the job perks of having all the channel subscriptions paid for by the boss or at-least being able to tax deduct all the expenses associated with watching TV. The only sad thing with getting me to do this job would probably be that I will be like those people who reverse their sleep cycles, never have a shower and spend all day in a dark room watching television and not even talking to family and friends so unfortunately, I think this job would adversely affect the rest of my life.

Entertainment reporter – I understand that celebrities can be a tough bunch to tame and they can be very “precious” but I really think it’s a great job to do. Travelling to all these “important” places to attend award shows and check out who is wearing what by who and then having your 2 cents to comment on whatever is occurring seems pretty chill. Imagine the itinerary of the year set out already- OSCARS, ARIA, Logies, BET, MET Gala, Cannes not including the movie premieres, music concerts and everything in the middle – that would be truly amazing.

Switchboard operator– hear me out here… I have a vivid memory of hearing an announcement of a code blue (medical emergency) at one of the hospitals I was working at as a junior doctor. As I abandoned my lunch to hurry to where the code blue was called, I happened to run past the switchboard operator who had already turned back to reading the novel she was probably reading prior to pressing the buzzer to the marathon I had now joined. I did a take 2 and realised that basically in that instant she was probably the chess player whilst us the doctors and nursing staff where the pieces on her chess board. Whatever was happening at the location she had called help to, was something she had hadn’t really dwelt on and she had already moved on to her next task. Now I know that sometimes the lines could be going crazy especially with angry people spewing their bile about how long they were waiting to be answered but really, I still think it’s a cool job to do, even for a day.

The STOP/SLOW sign holder– now there is a job that seems a bit cruisy if I say so myself. I mean all you need is a great audiobook and then you are set. This is especially if you are on a quiet stretch of road where it is only once in a while a car needs your assistance to navigate the obstacles you are warning them against. I hear this job can actually pay a pretty penny to basically be the king of the road for a little while.

Hand and foot model– I think this one is pretty cruisey too. I mean all you really have to do is exfoliate and moisturise regularly and then taadaa you are set. You get to wear fancy jewellery and expensive shoes and the great thing is that you probably don’t even need to walk in the shoes, just make them look good and then show me the money. Now the great thing is that, even without having a 6 pack, you can still have small wrists and ankles which I have been informed are great attributes for the job.

Now, these are the few I think of and I am pretty sure there are some out there I haven’t even thought of. For now,  I will get back to being a doctor, mother, wife, sister, and aunt as well as an amateur tailor, children’s author, and everything that I also dabble in without much monetary remuneration. They sure help balance out the stress involved with medicine and although they don’t pay as much or don’t seem as extravagant as some of the jobs I have listed above, I sure do treasure them and the smiles they bring.